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Updated Sep 27

Could Somaliland's new port change the country's future?
Hargeisa Regional Court sentences people including a court clerk for bribery charges
Somaliland: Enhancing parliament's capacity for public outreach and engagement
Somaliland: Chief Justice Starts Combating Corruption at the Judiciary
Somali President's stay in office extended further as poll teams push vote to Nov 30 (Goobjoog News)
Somali Journalist Abdiaziz Ali Haji Shot Dead in Mogadishu.
Tourists are heading to Somalia to see the ruins of a two-decade civil war-QZ
Somalia Extends Election Dates By 30
NUSOJ condemns "cold-blooded murder" of journalist in Mogadishu
Somali Civil Society Warn Political instability amid Elections' delay
Official press statement on yet again delayed Somalia election-Sonna
Somalia delays presidential election by a month amid worries-AP
We are a lost generation (Lets wake up for a better future)-video
Somalia: Khatumo leader denies any talks with Puntland but confirms discussions with Somaliland
Somalia Epidemiological Bulletin week 36 Vol 1 Issue 36-WHO
Al-Shabaab parade bodies of Kenyan policemen in Somalia-Daily Nation
Al-Shabaab parade bodies of Kenyan police officers in Somalia
Somalia says al-Shabab is defeated militarily
The U.N. Is Sending Thousands of Refugees Back Into a War Zone-Foreign Policy
Somalia: reported US covert actions 2001-2016
Ethiopian olympian:Prime minister's claims I was coerced into protest are false and insulting

Updated Sep 26

Somaliland authorities arrest journalist in Buroa
Somaliland: Supreme Court Endorses Election Separation
Somaliland: Regulatory Gaps in Money laundering And Illicit Financing-Africabusiness
Somaliland: Rights Body Condemns Arrest of Burao Journalists
Somaliland high court will reach its final decision over the election dispute
Somaliland: Conclusion of Votersí Registration Exercise Function Addressed by the Chairman of National Party (Wadani)
Somaliland: Conclusion of Voter Registration Marks a New Milestone
We Kissed the Ground: A migrant's journey from Somaliland to the Mediterranean
Expectations and reality clash ahead of Somali elections
Somalia's Legal Fees In Maritime Case Offset By UAE- Foreign Minister (Goobjoog News)
Somalia: Puntland Intelligence forces seize Central Bank and Ministry of Finance
Galmudug says 119 alleged Somali pirates in india are fishermen (Goobjoog News)
Maritime border row: Experts advise Kenya, Somalia to join hands
Al-Shabaab terror group poses with captured Kenyan vehicle-Tuko news?
Somalia: The Impasse of 2016 Electoral Process drags on-HOL
Somali elections: much at stake for gender representation-Mail & Guardian Africa?
Children in IDP camps in Somalia hardest hit by food crisis-Xinhua
Al-Shabaab capture town from Ethiopian forces in Somalia-Tuko
Somali Federal Indirect Electoral Commission Modifies 2016 Elections' timetables
The UN's Next Genocide in Somalia
Going on Tahriib: The causes and consequences of Somali youth migration to Europe-Rift Valley Institute
East Africa: Museveni's Trip Exposes Somalia's Teething Problems
Somaliland: The next big shot after President Silanyo
Somaliland: Constitutional court announces final verdict on UCID leadership Row
Somaliland: State Bans Possession of Unlicensed Weapons
Somaliland is open for business
Somaliland:Telesom unveils 4G mobile network technology exhibition
Somalia's parliamentary election postponed again - lawmaker-Reuters

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